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Do You REALLY Know Your Scales?

How many teachers have told you to “learn your scales”? How helpful has that actually been?

If the truism of “thou shalt learn thine scales” has left you with questions over the years, hopefully this video can bring some clarity to the WHY behind the theory.

If you’ve learned some basic scale shapes on your instrument (like I lay out in detail in my ebooks), you might still be wondering what the point of them is. That’s where building your aural knowledge comes into play, which I think is best acquired through scale improv, like I talk about in this lesson (and many others).

If scale improv sounds scary to you, you should DEFINITELY check out my beginner course, where I demystify the process even further so you can’t possibly screw up.

Don’t let scales pass you by! All the music you love is built around scales, and the sooner you wrap your fingers and ears around them, the sooner you’ll be making the music you want to make.