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Gnarly Left Hand Exercises for Bass

Download The PDF!!! (free) – Gnarly Left Hand Exercises for Bass PDF

Build up your coordination and speed with these gnarly left exercises for bass. Most left hand exercises (including some I’ve presented in the past) focus on patterns that happen all on the same string. This is great practice, and I still do those types of exercises myself.

BUT – these exercises are really cool because they incorporate string crossing into the basic fingering pattern, so you get more contextual practice using your left hand fingers, and a lot of string crossing practice for your right hand.

Make sure you start working on these at a relatively slow tempo, focusing on good left hand technique. Keep your fingers close to the neck, even pressed down or resting on the strings when appropriate, and try to stay ready one note ahead of where you’re actually playing.

And have fun! How fast can you go without sacrificing technique?