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Beastly Arpeggios 2 – Full Range

download the pdf here (free!): Beastly Arpeggios 2 PDF

If you’ve been looking for a way to move around the bass neck more freely, Beastly Arpeggios 2 is a helpful advanced exercise you can use. Just like the original BEAST scale exercise, you’ll start on the lowest note of the neck possible in each arpeggios, move up the neck systematically playing every note in every position, and then work your way down – backwards!

Most bass scales and arpeggios exercises start and end on the root within a confined 1 or 2 octave “box.” I find it very helpful for students to work on exercises where they aren’t always bound by starting and ending on roots, because eventually you should always know where you are in a scale no matter what note you’re starting on.

Here are my tips for applying this to all keys on your own:
– Start on the lowest possible note of the arpeggio, which in this case is any note of the relevant scale
– Work your way up, playing through the arpeggio wth 2 notes per string in each position
– When you reach the end of a position, shift up one arpeggio note, and work your way back down, 2 notes per string
– When you reach the top of the neck, REPEAT your final position in the opposite direction (ascending/descending) without shifting
– Work your way back down the neck in the same way, always 2 notes per string

If you want more help applying this to all 12 keys, check out my new eBook, Beastly Scales and Arpeggios here!