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Quirky 3/4 Slap Groove with Simultaneous Slap-Pop Technique

DOWNLOAD THE PDF (free): Quirky Slap Groove PDF

In this mouthful of a lesson I’ll show you how to play a quirky slap groove that incorporates some elements you might not be used to. This is a pretty advanced lesson, so if you’re just starting out with slap bass you might want to save it for later!

One big feature of this line is the time signature, which is a form of 3/4 time where each beat is felt with equal strength, almost like a bar of 4/4 with a beat chopped off (as opposed to waltz 3/4, where beats 2 and 3 are much weaker than beat 1).

The other element I included is the simultaneous slap-pop technique, which as far as I know doesn’t have a short catchy name. This is a way of grabbing a note with both the thumb and index finger at the same time, and bears little resemblance to the normal slap technique.

This groove is also one of many examples of a slap line that uses 16th notes exclusively. This is a common way to construct dense slap lines, where all of the potential spaces are filled with ghost notes with the thumb or left hand.

As always, you’ll get the most from this lesson by taking the elements you learn (3/4 time, simultaneous slap-pop technique) and creating your own grooves and riffs with them once you’re done with this one.