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Double Thumb Bass Groove #2 (with tab/music)

download the pdf here (free!): Double Thumb Bass Groove #2 PDF

Double Thumb Bass Groove #2 starts to explore some of the more chordal possibilities with the double thumb technique, with one of my favorite bass chords, the ol’ 1-5-9. We’ll explore a chord progression in C minor with a “basic version,” and then a more advanced variation that adds a hammeron to the double thump pattern.

To get the most out of learning this double thumb bass groove, try adding your own fills, or change a note or two of the bass line to explore some variations. This will get you a lot more mileage out of the licks you learn and put you in a creative mindset (rather than only mimicking).

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  1. You are the best of Thum Slap Bass technique…THANK FOR ALL…

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