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Polyrhythm Bass Groove #2 – Extended 4:3 Polyrhythm

download the pdf here (free!): Polyrhythm Bass Groove #2 PDF

We’re back with polyrhythms again this week, this time looking at Polyrhythm Bass Groove #2. This bass line uses the 4:3 polyrhythm again, but this time we’ll stretch it out to a more adventurous 2-bar pattern. With the extended pattern we’ll be playing “over the barline,” which means that we’re not hitting beat 1 on the second bar, resulting in a more edgy bass part.

Again, we’ll look at a couple different ways to apply this pattern. In the first example, we’re playing a simple legato line through the rhythmic figure. In the second example, we’ll use the rhythmic figure as our guide for accenting and organizing notes, but we’ll be playing a long stream of 16ths.