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Reggae Groove with Major + Minor Triads for Bass


download the pdf here (free!): Triads Reggae Groove PDF

Reggae Groove with Major + Minor Triads for Bass

In this lesson we’ll get down with our bad selves and play a reggae groove using the major and minor triad arpeggios we’ve been practicing in the last few lessons.

This bass line is 100% made up of triad arpeggio notes, no funny business. You can see and hear how cool we can make a bass line just by using these notes!

If you want to dial in a more reggae-y sound, try rolling your bass EQ up and your treble down. Or if you prefer to get a similar effect with your hands instead, try doing some left hand muting a la Rocco Prestia, and choose your lower strings over your higher strings whenever possible.

To get some more intense and thorough practice with your arpeggio inversions, check out my latest book Electric Bass Scales and Arpeggios, where you can practice triad and seventh chord arpeggios in all their inversions, all over the neck!