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Advanced Bass Scales – THE BEAST!!!

download the pdf here (free!): The Beast PDF (Advanced Bass Scales Exercise)

This bass scales exercise is the best way I’ve found to learn the notes on the neck, be able to move around fluidly from top to bottom in any scale, build up your playing endurance, AND practice playing fast scale runs all at the same time.

You will only unlock the full potential of this exercise IF:
– you practice it in all 12 keys
– you practice it with other types of scales (minor, dorian, mixolydian, etc.)
– you practice playing it faster and faster over time

It can take as much as 20-30 minutes to make it through this scale exercise ONCE in each key. It’s a workout, but the benefits are definitely worth it. Have fun!

How To Do It On 5 String!

If you want more help applying this to all 12 keys, check out my new eBook, Beastly Scales and Arpeggios here!