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Bass Seventh Chords

download the pdf here (free!): Bass Seventh Chords PDF

This video will wrap up everything we’ve learned in the past few videos in our bass chords series. Now that we know minor 7 (and by extension half-diminished 7), major 7, and dominant 7 chords, we’re ready to put it all together in a song!

Lucky for us there are many great songs to practice using all these chords together, because these chords make up the most common chord progression in jazz – the 2-5-1 (or ii-V-I in Roman numeral notation).

An example of a major 2-5-1 in C would be D minor 7 – G dominant 7 – C major 7.

A sample minor 2-5-1 in C would be D half-diminished 7 – G dominant 7 – C minor 7 (or just C minor).

In this video we’ll use the A section of the jazz standard Autumn Leaves to try all these bass chord voicings out in sequence. I strongly encourage you to open up a Real Book (a book full of jazz tunes) and try to get yourself through another tune after you master the examples in this video!

You now know a couple different voicings for the most commonly used seventh chords. This will get you through a whole lot of songs, and the only way you’ll really get the most out of this knowledge is to try applying it as much as possible. And there are always new chord voicings and types of chords to learn in the future! Have fun.