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Dominant Seventh Bass Chords

download the pdf here (free!): Dominant Seventh Bass Chords PDF

Dominant seventh bass chords are the focus of lesson 3 of 4 in our jazz bass chords series. The dominant seventh chord comes from the mixolydian scale, and it is used everywhere from classical V7-1 cadences to the humble 12 bar blues. Like in the other videos in this series, we’ll learn two different shapes/voicings you can use to play this chord on bass, and then we’ll apply it directly in a musical example.

Piggybacking onto this chord this week is a 12 bar blues progression! Sometimes I like to sneak extra lessons into my videos, and that’s what I did here. Everyone should know how to play a basic blues progression, whether you want to go on the road with a blues band or just jam with some friends. We’ll talk over the basic AAB form of the blues, and you can hear some amazing improvised lyrics as well. 🙂

See you next week for Autumn Leaves!