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Jaco Pastorious Dominant Bass Groove

Download The PDF!!! (free) – Jaco Pastorius Dominant Bass Groove PDF

From the treasure trove that is Jaco’s pile of licks, I’ve selected one for this lesson that you can use over a dominant chord (and more, if you tweak a note or two).

Jaco played this lick on a lot of live recordings, but here I’ve transcribed it from “Teen Town (Live)” off Weather Report’s “Jaco Years” compilation.

If you’re not comfortable with all this syncopation, I recommend putting down your bass, turning on a metronome, and clapping on the “e” and “a” of each beat at various tempos to get comfortable with the feeling of heavy 16th note syncopation.

Have fun with this lick, and remember, you get a lot more mileage out of these types of lessons if you experiment with slight tweaks to the notes and rhythm to get even more licks out of Jaco’s starting point.