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Solo Bass Improvisation: “Flamingo Altar”

Thank you for listening to another solo bass improvisation! This one came out a little different than some of my other recent improvisations, with a more consistent structure and melody. I ended up playing it much like a typical jazz arrangement – rubato intro on the A section, once through the full melody, some soloing, then back around with the melody to end.

I find a little extra challenge in improvisations like this, first of all to remember the melody and chords off the top of my head, but even more so to keep the rhythm consistent when I’m stretching my technical abilities off the cuff.

The particularly absurd title for this one came from the pseudo-flamenco strumming I pulled out (flamenco -> flamingo), and all the altered dominant chords (alter -> altar). This was my silliest idea, and as soon as it came to mind I thought “Yep. Definitely. That’s the name of this thing.”