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Mixolydian Scales for Bass + “All Blues” and “The Chicken”

download the pdf here (free!): Mixolydian Scales For Bass PDF

Another installment in our scale series, this week we’re learning the mixolydian scale! From blues to funk to classical V7 chords, this is another really useful scale to know. We’ll learn a few different shapes you can use to play the mixolydian mode, and then apply it to two most excellent bass lines.

A sidenote on “The Chicken”: My favorite recording is from Jaco’s “Birthday Concert” album, which is a killer album overall. The Hal Leonard transcription book that you see in the background has the version of the bass line from the “Invitation” album, however. Oh, musical trivia, how we adore you.

Want to learn your mixolydian scales in all 12 keys? Check out my book Electric Bass Scales and Arpeggios for the full scoop.