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The Secret To A Great Ear (no talent required)


For years I’ve been telling (even admonishing) my students to do ear training as an important part of their musical education. I have a sneaking feeling that a lot of you haven’t actually done it, maybe because nobody really showed you how. No longer! This video will (hopefully) completely demystify the process so you can start doing ear training right now, today, from whatever your current level is.

Ear training can actually be really fun a lot of the time, but sometimes you’ll go through difficult periods (like I did with my perfect 4ths and perfect 5ths for a while). I hope I can encourage you through those periods just by telling you that the result of doing ear training is sheer awesomeness. Being able to listen to songs one time and then play the bass line or the melody is so thrilling, and the more ear training you do the more you’ll be able to do that, with more and more difficult material.

So stop reading this and do some ear training! The best time to start ear training is 20 years ago… but the second best time is now.