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3 Things You Should Know About Your Bass Neck

3 Things You Should Know About Your Bass Neck

One of the first things I start teaching my students is how to find notes on the bass neck. What I love about the bass is that the strings are tuned symmetrically (meaning each string is tuned the same number of half steps apart), so any shape you learn can be applied anywhere on the neck. Learning the shapes I discuss in this video is a great way to take what knowledge you have and use it to find other notes in relation to a starting point.

Using what you learn in this video, you could find all the instances of any note on your bass – all the E’s, or all the Ab’s, for example.

I find a lot of bass players are familiar with a couple of the shapes I discuss in this video, but not all the combinations that are possible. I’ve found it really helpful to know these shapes like the back of my hand. It makes it so easy to change positions without having to think about it.

I talk about mastering basic fingerboard knowledge in detail in chapter 1 of my latest book Electric Bass Scales and Arpeggios, which you can get here.