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Rhythm Practice Resources

This rhythm practice page is a compilation of some resources I’ve found online that you can use to improve your familiarity with different rhythms, work on your reading, and increase your rhythmic accuracy.

Norm Weinberg WebRhythms (Vic Firth)

This series is AMAZING practice for reading, from quarter notes to insane 32nd note triplets in mixed meter. I have been using Norm’s rhythm lessons with my students a lot lately, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Just do it, man.

Phil Tulga Rhythm Counting Tool

This is a neat little in-browser tool where you can type in a rhythm and then hear it played back. This is a great adjunct to the Norm Weinberg lessons if you’re ever unsure about a rhythm but don’t have a private teacher to help you check your work. This way you can be sure that you’re playing the rhythm the way it should sound.

Random Rhythm Generator from

Another rhythm reading tool you can use is this random rhythm generator, where you can give it some parameters like difficulty level, length, and time signature, and it will spit out stuff you can practice reading. Pretty cool!

Samuel Stokes Rhythm Reading Exercises

Another good adjunct to the Norm Weinberg course, this site has a bunch of rhythms you can practice reading, sorted by time signature. There’s no explanations or lessons here that I saw, just sheet music to read.

The Rhythm Trainer

The Rhythm Trainer is a little different than the resources I’ve posted above. It has two modes – Mode A will play you a rhythm, and you have to mark down how that rhythm would be notated. Mode B will show you a written rhythm and give you multiple choice audio options from which you select the correct answer. This is a great option for people without a private teacher because it will tell you if you answer correctly or not.