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Minor Triad Arpeggios For Bass (w/ rock playalong)

download the pdf here (free!): Minor Triad Arpeggios PDF

Minor Triad Arpeggios For Bass (w/ rock playalong)

Today we’ll get a workout on our minor triad arpeggios by going through the different arpeggio inversions up and down the neck over a simple rock groove. We’ll try the exercise with a couple different shapes and fingerings to get even more practice moving around these arpeggios.

Being able to play arpeggios comfortably is a key skill for bass players. It gives you a framework to play over simple chords in a way that will work safely, but still give you more interesting options that just playing the root all day.

To get some more intense and thorough practice with your arpeggio inversions, check out my latest book Electric Bass Scales and Arpeggios, where you can practice triad and seventh chord arpeggios in all their inversions, all over the neck!