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Tongue Twister Metal Bass Riff

Download The PDF!!! (free) – Tongue Twister Metal Riff PDF

I’m a mean mean bass teacher. So mean that today we’re gonna shred through some 16th notes at 120BPM with some string crossing and colorful chromaticism. Ready?

If you follow my lessons regularly, you know I like to focus on stuff that’ll get you good in the long run, not just teaching you a riff here and there. So even though today is a “riff lesson,” I’ll hope you can see how much work on your technique you can get out this – and hopefully pick up a couple harmonic ideas too.

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  1. Hi Josh, loving you lessons on youtube, there great, but you know that already 🙂 oh Pied Bass Piper (hope that translates ok from across the pond) can you tab ” every breath you take” that you play little bit from your “that TASTY!!! Chord Voicing on Bass – Chordal Etude No. 2” video many thanks

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